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coaching and counsellingemotional intelligence, and relationships.

  • Published Articles and Conference Presentations

Informed by Diversity: Relational Self/Other Practice, Language Performance, and Social Realities as Critical Approaches to Persons, Peoples and Organizations

      Earon Kavanagh (2013). In "Practising Social Change", Issue 6. 

Consulting Wittgenstein: on the Quest to Administratively Regulate Counseling Therapists in Canada

      Earon Kavanagh (2010). In S. Kensen (Ed.) "Administrative Theory and Praxis", Volume 32, No. 2.

Inquiry that Resituates Communities of Practice: A Relational View of Situated Learning

      Earon Kavanagh (2009). Paper presentation - The Organization Development Conference, Seattle, USA.

Moshing for Space: The Pre-Olympics Colonization of Vancouver’s Main Street

        Earon Kavanagh (2007). In S. Klassen (Ed.), Main Street: Discussions on urban culture Calgary: Funbook Publishing.

A Juxtaposition of Virtual Discourse Communities and Organizational Life

     Earon Kavanagh (2002). In L. Holmes, D.M. Hosking, and M. Grieco (Eds.). "Organizing in the Information Age". Aldershot, Ashgate.    

Rabbi Dr. Edwin Friedman’s Charismatic/Visionary Approach to Leadership - coming soon

     Earon Kavanagh (2011). Paper presentation - to the AGM - British Columbia Organization Development Network

  • Unpublished Articles  

Business Psychology: Basic Business Economics Advice for HBO’s “Silicon Valley” Characters

Video:  Thought Leaders… or Thought Styles?: Relational Approaches to Leadership and Organization  

Sustainability: Building Green Facilities and Supply Chains: Strengths, Weaknesses and the Business Case

     Co-authored with Sarah Ellis and Amie Rhyner

Evaluation of Virtual Meeting Technologies for Teams and Communities of Practice in Business Environments

Change Evaluation Management: Importance of Attending to the Dynamics of Loss - coming soon                        

Was it Race, Age, Gender, or a Case of Being Overweight? Hiring Diversity at the Fairfax Metropolitan Hospital

Teaching Organizational Behavior as an Organizational Simulation -  coming soon                        

Exploring the Kotter Model and Appreciative Inquiry as Organizational Change Vehicles for Nonprofit Human Services Agencies

Three Leadership Models: Kurt Lewin, Hershey and Blanchard, and Edwin Friedman

Leading with Personality Type, Satir's Communication Model, and the Learning Styles Inventory

Training and Development Plan for a Sales Department and Sales VP

     Co-authored with John Benscheidt and Rebecca Cason

What Is Social Construction? You Tube Slide Presentation

What Can Relational (Social) Construction Teach Us about Leading Organizational Change? - coming soon 

Dissertations and Theses

Kavanagh, E.T.E. (2008). Communities of practice: A relational view of organizing, power, and possibilities (Published doctoral dissertation). Tilburg University Press: Tilburg Netherlands. Available from Narcis Promise of Science Dutch dissertations and theses database, (Narcis No. urn:nbn:nl:ui:12-3159868). Supervised by Dian Marie Hosking PhD,  and John Rijsman, PhD.

Kavanagh, E. (2000). A social psychology of collaboration, social liberation, and relational discourse: reconciling family consultation with our diverse post-industrial society. Unpublished thesis, Masters of Science in Human Services, supervised by social anthropologist Shawn Haley, PhD.  

Kavanagh, E. (2000).  Navigating a human services career through economic uncertaintyUnpublished thesis, Bachelor’s of Science in Human Services, supervised by social anthropologist John Theodore, PhD, DBA, CMC.    

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