My Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy, Subjects, and Teaching Modalities

This document has 7 sections

  • Teaching philosophy
  • Teaching subjects
  • Private courses taught through my e-learning site
  • Experience that supports my business teaching
  • Education that supports my business teaching
  • Teaching modalities
  • List of the 16 courses in my ACBSP accredited MBA (specialization in change leadership)

          I have taught over 50, mostly graduate, courses as well as private business courses through my e-learning website. My teaching philosophy is adult oriented and combines didactic and practical experiential learning, making connections with a student’s experience and helping students learn from each other in an intense learning environment. I strive to work with each learning style. I generally place a strong emphasis in students learning small chunks of material and developing and delivering presentations. In presentations I use facilitation to debrief and discuss and access important points. I prefer to assess students by class attendance, class participation, knowledge presented, testing, and one or two written papers. I generally train the students in a case writing methodology to enhance clear presentation of ideas. My students generally also improve their abilities at presentation and writing, which is important in business and professional realms.   

          Teaching modalities I use include Blended Learning using Blackboard and Moodle combined with residential intensives, online learning, classroom learning, use of audio/video to review, debrief and build cases and skills, student centered learning with small classes and early feedback, learning by doing as well as practical work/group work and case discussions. I also help students work in teams, and perform team evaluation, and help develop student’s ability to generate clearly written papers. I use training skills such as fishbowl technique for presentations and inter-group listening.

My teaching subjects

          Organization behavior, business case analysis, general management, human resources management, applied research - quantitative and qualitative, managerial accounting, operations and supply chain, marketing, core project management and prioritization, leadership and communications, entrepreneurship, business strategy and competitive analysis, business and leadership ethics, sociology, organizational change management, organization development, introductory psychology including personality and emotional intelligence, multiple courses in graduate psychology, and leadership of practicum classes and internships.

Private courses taught through my e-learning site

  • Business case analysis for business students and MBA’s
  • Change leadership for managers and business owners
  • Cognitive behavioural coaching for counsellors, coaches and managers
  • Emotional intelligence for MBA’s, managers and business owners
  • Marketing, business strategy, competition analysis and operations for helping professions
  • Self retrieval in the midst of organizational and media overwhelm
  • Entrepreneurship - knowing if you have the personality components for success
  • Beyond the balance sheet – formulas that indicate business success or failure


Work experience that supports my teaching subjects

          In the 1970’s I managed three offices and a social enterprise over two years for the same nonprofit, followed by one year in construction management, job costing, and general office management and payroll for a commercial contractor. This was followed by several years of managing my own sub-contracting firm and the award of a professional qualification in construction, two years of marketing and sales in the financial services business, and then back to contracting for several years prior to my entry into psychology. My early nonprofit management and construction experience also taught me marketing, managerial accounting, as well as estimating, operations and supply chain management, and project management including critical path method. These skills were further developed in ten years of operating a for profit student residence, and of course several years of operating a business psychology and consulting practice. I then applied my MBA subjects to the above base of experience and designed marketing plans, project management, and full spectrum change management for a non-profit organization as treasurer, and. In addition my business psychology credentials and business is oriented to HR consulting, selection and development. I have also served with Deloitte, KPMG and other firm consultants as adjudicator at Canada-wide business strategy competitions.      

Education that supports my teaching areas

          In addition to my research PhD in organizational psychology I hold a 16-course ACBSP accredited MBA with specialization in change leadership, postgraduate certificates in organization development, executive coaching and organizational leadership, Prosci change management, post-doctoral training in personality, psychometrics, and organizational assessment for human resources selection and development, a Bachelors of Science, a Master of Science with practice and research emphasis on team and family relations, and a 4-year trade qualification with emphasis on construction project management and apprenticeship learning.

          I am an accredited business psychologist (U.K.) and candidate for CMC designation in management consulting, as well as an accredited specialist in psychometric test use for employment selection, development and coaching.   

List of courses in my MBA Degree

  •  Essentials of business management, Capsim simulation
  • Managerial accounting
  • Strategic financial management
  • Applied managerial economics
  • Business communication and research
  • Law for global business
  • Project management and prioritization
  • Managing with technology
  • Strategic human resources management
  • Business and competitive strategy, Capsim simulation
  • Applied marketing
  • Organization behavior
  • Business operations and supply chain management
  • Organizational systems coaching
  • Synthesizing leadership
  • Leading change in diverse organizational cultures
  • Ethical leadership